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Yosemite National Park
More about the trip:
Highlights    Curry Village and Tuolumne Meadows     Sunrise High Sierra Camp to Merced Lake
Babcock Lake to Vogelsang Camp     Evelyn Lake to Lyell Canyon
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Copyright 2005 by Tony Austin
In September 2005 Phil Leone, Alex Jaycocks and I hiked and backpacked in Yosemite National
Park for a little over a week.  We spent one night at Curry Village and one night at Tuolumne
Meadows before setting out. We were on the trail for six days, five nights, making a loop that
included Sunrise Camp, Merced Lake, Babcock Lake, Vogelsang Camp, Evelyn Lake, Lyell
Valley and the John Muir Trail.
Here are some of the highlights. Click below for more pictures.