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The first two days we stayed in "tent cabins" the first night at Curry Village. The famous Awhanee
Hotel is in Curry Village and Phil had made dinner reservations. It was a nice prelude to the
"roughing it" that was to come.
We froze the first night and all rushed out the next morning to buy more long underwear, hats,
gloves. The clerk at the outfitter confirmed that winter had hit early, and by surprise.
Me on the left, Phil Leone in the middle, Alex
Jaycocks on the right.
The last chance to loose a little weight. We all
rethought our packing lists
Last chance to put on a little weight. Phil made
reservations at the Awhanee Hotel for our first
night. After that it was Ramen Noodles.
The second night we stayed at Toulumne
Meadows Lodge
We took a little warm up hike up to Columbia
Point near Yosemite Falls
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Curry Village and Tuolumne Meadows