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Sunrise Camp - Merced Lake
Phil and Alex shared this 2-man tent
Me with  my one-man tent.
Along the trail. Sunrise camp to the right.
Highlights    Curry Village and Tuolumne Meadows     Sunrise High Sierra Camp to Merced Lake
Babcock Lake to Vogelsang Camp     Evelyn Lake to Lyell Canyon
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Copyright 2005 by Tony Austin
Because of the heavy snowpack, which would mean a short season, none of the High Sierra
Camps opened in 2005. We camped in those anyway for a few nights because they had
bear-proof food storage boxes. The first day we took a shuttle bus from Tuoloume Meadows
Lodge to the trailhead for Sunrise Camp, then hiked 5 miles to the campsite. Along the way we
stopped for lunch at a place with dramatic views of the valley.