Djema el Fna
When we found out in Casablanca that all the trains to Marrakech were booked because of the
Festival of the Sacrifice holiday, we met some people in the same predicament and decided to
share a Grand Taxi (a private taxi, common in Morocco) to Marrakech. Hitch, on the left, is
Moroccan now living in Canada. Next to him is his niece Emie, his friend Tanya, then Deborah
and me.
One of the main features of Djema el Fna is the food. There
are many open air stalls serving kebobs, cous cous, tagines,
lentil soup and...if you're up for it...sheep brains.
For the Festival of the Sacrifice, families gather
together and slaughter a lamb. We saw many
lambs being bought at the roadside and taken
home--in carts, on bicycles or slung over
someone's shoulders. With a lot of fresh lamb
and little refrigeration, for the next week every
lunch and every dinner featured lamb. We
began to hope for chicken or fish.